Inter-Blockchain Messenger
With $MSG Community Economy

( Web Dapp POC Beta Version 1.3 )


( More About MSG )

Welcome to MSG

We now support Ethereum,
Binance Smart Chain, Cronos and Evmos.

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Please use Metamask / Trust Wallet
or other Dapp broswer to sign in messenger.

What is MSG

A decentralised inter-blockchain
chat app that brings back

data rights and values to users.

$MSG Tokenomic

💰 Chat-to-Earn 💰
community based tokenomy and
🥷🏻 Pay-to-Hide 🥷🏻
(mask-up sender address to 0x0...)
⚔️ Burn-to-Attack ⚔️
(reduce saving balance of your target)
🏦 Passive Income 🏦
VIP staking, Block owning, Invitation reward ...

and alot more interesting self-regulation
mechanisms for aiming the most decentralized
chatting app in Web3 genaration.


NO Phone number or Email
NO IP tracking NO GPS tracking
SERVERLESS Data storage of Chats
and upgradable "Mask Up" service.

"Mask Up" === paying $MSG for replacement
quotas of sender address to "address(0)"

REAL Ownership

Create a Block for decentralized
group chatting or join a Block by ID.
Your profiles, networks, feelings, ideas...
do not need to belong to any tech giant.

Block's ownership is immutable

but transferable once created.

Owner will receive $MSG from
each Chat confirmed in the Block.

Block-mart is a marketplace
for Blocks trading, connecting
communities, KOLs, business and more...

Core Team

YC Wong

Javince Chan

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Investors / Partners

We don't have any investor yet
So we launched our pre-ICO in DAPP

Pre-ICO until 1 June 2023
The final price of $MSG in pre-ICO
=== the offering price of the offcial ICO

We actually treat our users as our partners
So early adopters in beta version could expect
an airdrop of $MSG after pre-ICO AND ICO